We would like to Thank You for taking the opportunity to view our site and purchase some Total Cowboy apparel and merchandise. A couple years ago we decided to design a company that encompassed the Rodeo World and modern enough for the general public. My husband Todd works as a graphic designer as his full time job and loves to design, so we put our heads together and came up with the original TC logo and he has designed every logo that we have on our products. We love having this company, going to trade shows and rodeos. We thought about a slogan for a long time cause we wanted something that stuck out and got peoples' attention. We came up with STRIVING FOR PERFECTION. In rodeo all of us rodeo athletes want to be the best and when it comes to the practice pen that’s where the perfection sets in. I have always been told, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, Perfect practice makes Perfect.” I have also lived by the Motto “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” We thought STRIVING FOR PERFECTION would refer to anybody out there that wants to WIN and has the DETERMINATION to set their goals high and achieve the Ultimate Goal.

​Todd, Kaci, Stran & Hudson Kelly